Monday, June 29, 2009

The Indian Subcontinent

It's raining again today in southwest Florida. That's good; it's about time. I planted several Crape-Mertyls in the front yard about five years ago and finally they are getting healthy. The blossoms were irresistable this morning. This moment was recorded before I discovered these trees are native to the Indian subcontinent. How did they get here?

The Indian Subcontinent? What else around this place is from that distant part of the world?

Of course, there is our favorite kitty, Popi. Popi is a Bengal breed of feline. The myth is that her breed is 4 generations removed from the mating of a Bengal Tiger with a domestic house cat. I choose to believe that; she is a terrific mouser.

Of course, she's not chasing mice at the moment above. She is doing what many of Pam's quilting friends report about their cats: she is claiming a nest, spreading her scent, and endearing herself to the sewing lady. She's also halting progress on Pam's latest project, but that's what cats do.

At this moment I believe she's lamenting the departure of her recent caretaking companions, Sarah and Kim. I won't say they spoiled Popi, but I would guess I'm not as much fun any more.

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