Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Guests ~ Last Guests

A suspicious soul might think we planned it; we didn't. Three years ago it was our dumb luck to be the last guests at Otter Cove; this year we enjoyed more dumb luck being the first guests at Trail's End.  Pam and I won't eschew our good fortune to be with cousin Linda and Mike during their transition from one home to another.

I'll start with dessert, if you please. The first dessert served in the new digs. Nummy!

Mike, a modest chef served salmon, broccoli, and potatoes.

During the early morning hours when the fog was rolling in I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. Such awake dreams this old man enjoyed! The smell was determined to be the last of the wood that was slowly burning in the stove (Nonetheless, a great idea for product development: bacon fagots?).  The edible bacon came later with our sumptuous breakfast.

Cousin Linda. You are a jewel.

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