Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Murder of Crows

Crows ~
     Bright, Social, and Noisy. They live all over the world; in Florida as well as, the Punjab of Northern India. Crows, I've heard, are attracted to shiny objects and will steal your silver ear rings, if given half a chance.

A Murder of Crows

A great gathering (murdering) of crows occurs daily in my neighborhood; in fact, they migrate en masse, moving from one large tree top to another several residential blocks away. Noisy, luminescent creatures, crows spar for highest position in the tree, jumping on each other, exchanging places. Then, after everyone seems to settle down for awhile, they suddenly break camp, make room for straggling newbies, and fly to the distant gathering spot.

My FB friend, Bina Gupta, tells me that in the Punjab countryside of Northern India crows announced visitors with their cawing. Crows are so social they also gather before storms to find common shelter, I would presume. However, Folk lore says gathering crows bring bad news, or good news, depending on the direction from which the gathering came. American Indian lore reveres crows and ravens. Some people believe crows are the Go-Betweens of Two Realms

Crows told me something about myself. They informed me of my prejudice regarding them. I've seen their Raven cousins, at the Tower of London; they are scary-big, and raucous creatures who made me cover my eyes, sympatico with historical victims.

Now, I can't watch crows without an initial shudder.

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Anonymous said...

Crows are intelligent, they will drop a nut on the street and let a car smash it. They are black iridescent prolific survivors and thrivers. I love them.

GERRY ZECK said...

Yes, I agree. Crows are mesmerizing creatures that fill me with admiration, also. I still shudder when we get close.

Sky said...

Crows will remember a persons face / mannerisms... so don't mess with 'em. We get a murder of crows in the field across the street from my house, church property. I have to cross the street to get my mail, the leader will stare you down and start walking towards you. The others start to follow...I just ignore them and they leave me alone. Wife has the same experience. Damn things are extremely annoying at 5:30AM, and any other time of the day.