Saturday, February 12, 2011

Story Tellers

     Photographing Feet is an old, fallback photo theme of mine. When bored in public places I sometimes focus on feet.  With my Midwestern background, it feels just perverted enough to be fun. The fun fetish includes both knowing and non-suspecting Feet. 

The object of entertainment with Feet is to simply observe and react with my little Kodak M853. Assignment Spec's: Quickly compose a scene which includes feet, but never faces, and make a snapshot that could provoke a story ... or move a plot along

1. Feet     2. No Faces     3. Story line

Some of stories may be more intimate. 

Other stories reveal visual tensions.

Some feet demand attention.

Where are they going?

Airports and train stations make great hunting grounds for Feet.

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Greg said...

One might first question this fetish (what would your mother think of you?). But then one appreciates the possibilities for rhyme, story, fantasy -- and salivates. Not on the pretty feet, one hopes. I like the one esp with the long shadows crossing the feet, like the malefic shadow of the crow!

GERRY ZECK said...

Dear Brother,
I was taught to stare at my shoes so the high and mighty would not take my head with their swords. Such is the story of the humble fetishist.
However, yours is the imagination to wrest a story from beetle dung. So have with it and cheers.

Jeffrey Willius said...

I like the feet theme -- a different, creative way of looking.

GERRY ZECK said...

Thanks, Jeffrey.
I got into it when I lived in Minneapolis and used to take long walks with my thinking cap on, noticing all kinds of things at my own feet.

JJZ said...

I like to photograph feet as well. Sometimes because it's interesting; sometimes because I'm bored, and the feet are more interesting than the place I'm in.