Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flying Lessons

These days Marty's Hawk is involved in a continuing education. Twice a day, in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, we hear the young female's mother encouraging her on to make flights between the tallest neighborhood trees.

During the first few days after the young female appeared, I would grab my camera when the piercing calls of Mama hawk beckoned. Outside with camera, I hear a swoosh and the hawk flies directly over my head landing in a tree on the other side of the house. Near, yet so very far away.

These birds are not exhibitionists; rarely do they pause for photo opportunities. What's more, the flying lessons range throughout the neighborhood; my guess is they are working within a two-mile radius of my own perch. A rapid bicycle ride to this distant oak tree yielded a little viewing for this bird watcher. The next tree-to-tree flight produces an exhausted bicyclist-voyeur with a dangling camera. I need wings to follow.

However, these beautiful girls don't care much about followers. I take the hint, turn off my camera, and bask in the good fortune of having gotten a few photos.

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