Friday, June 5, 2009

Trail's End

Soon, cousin Linda's brother, Doug, will be driving from Illinois to the Carmel Valley in California carrying a large log upon which is carved "Trail's End", the name Mike and Linda have chosen for their new home. 

Here are some early summer scenes from Trail's End in the beautiful Carmel Valley of California.

Wild Mustard sprang up unexpectedly in the Spring.

Why is mustard yellow? Because ...

Ah ha! A foggy morning may greet log bearer Doug on the high road to Trail's End. Note the barn on the right and the caretaker's house on the left.

Another view of the ranch will show the barn (foreground), the caretaker's house (middle left) and the hill upon which the main house shall be constructed.

The moist air is delicious, scattered oak trees invite your soul, and who can resist a feel good smile when they view wild yellow Mustard?

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Chris said...

Looks like it is time for the Robinson Family (Chris, Robin, Nora and Nigel) to go back to Cali.