Monday, June 15, 2009

Embassy Suites Atrium

Over the weekend we attended another web site workshop. I promise to invite you to its grand opening.

After a long drive from Sarasota and a longer workshop, we decided to stay at the Embassy Suites in Miami. The Suites have a central atrium filled with a cacophony of visual information waiting to be gathered into pleasant photo compositions.

Peering over the rail from the 5th floor balcony, I realized that irrational urge to make a swan dive had returned. So, I snapped a couple of quick shots with my trusty Kodak, then looked around for safer views.

A much safer view of the atrium, below. I feel anchored by Pam's feet, the rug, and the rail, despite the vertical movement of elemental lines. And I've got another shot for my collection of Curious Feet photos.

It's always entertaining looking down on one's subject. As a land lubbing Floridian, I don't often get to appreciate the sky view. In fact, I share many more visual perspectives with alligators.

Here is a quietly dynamic view from above. The action of the two moving people (central, left) seems to animate the whole tile floor space which comprises much of the composition. I like the way the square tiles carve up space here.

Not content to leave it alone, I recomposed the scene and waited. Here, the balanced placement of people vis-a-vis each other seems to quiet the floor space and movement seems frozen. Lots of fun to play with movement in a series of still shots, but swan divers cannot afford to linger too long.

We finally made it to the floor of the atrium for our free breakfast. Sitting down with my eggs and coffee I spied my girlfriend, one hot companion, across the table. Spicey, too. Nummy!

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