Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Hat's Off Today

It's raining again today, but it's a good day to take my hat off to the good men of my family whose birthdays come swarming around this date. Today would have been my father's 96th birthday; he almost made it to hang around for this celebration. To him and to my recently departed big brother, Rusty, I take my hat off. Both were extraordinarily good men.

The Pink Pimpernel salutes you!

Continuing this celebration of life and longevity, I offer you a self-portrait from the bleached leg of my blue jeans. This portrait is nothing as mind numbing as the discovery of Jesus on a French Toast, but it is curious.

Several months ago I noticed that the leg of my blue jeans had been bleached out by some unknown, careless happening. Or was it fate? The curious thing about the bleach stain is that it looked just like me!!!

I drew Pam's attention to this similarity then drew the lines on the pant leg to emphasize the shape of my vision. Pam was sweet enough to finalize the portrait in thread. Thus, another glimpse of Gerry Zeck, son of Robert E. Zeck, brother to Russell Murphy.

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