Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Z Girls of Kansas

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I was blessed by a visit from my grand nieces, Jaycee, Jaira, and Jenna: The Z Girls of Kansas. It was an aqueous vacation that brought them to me in Florida; they visited Sea World, my swimming pool, and took a dip in the Gulf of Mexico. These few pix are mostly pool shots I particularly like.

Noodle less and noodler. Left to Right: Jaycee, Jenna, Jaira Zeck

Doing the Deep End Leap are (L to R) Jaira, Jaycee, and Jenna Zeck

Jenna and Jaira making Uncle Gerry smile until the top of his ears hurt.

Jaycee and Jenna Zeck
Your lips, your lips, your lips are juicy!

My sweet niece Jen Callahan Zeck agreed to contrast her beautiful, smooth face with my grizzle for the benefit of photographic posterity. Yes, like Katherine Hepburn, I too am vain enough to cover my neck with a camera strap when the camera gets this close.

Thanks Jen and Brian and Jaycee and Jaira and Jenna for making my Day for months to come.

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