Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here's Waldo!

You won't have to search the crape myrtle blossoms to find Waldo. He's right here and he's hungry for pollen. In fact, I was pleased to see Waldo was not alone yesterday morning as I staked the blossom heavy branches next to the driveway. There were at least three varieties of pollen gatherers buzzing around my head. There was Waldo, dozens of small bees (let's just call them Smallies), and several wasps all working in harmony.

I get enthusiastic when I see bees in the yard. The sightings mean that bees are not extinct yet, that they are working pollenating plants, and all kinds of plants will be growing thanks to the bees. My enthusiasm comes from an addiction to food; I love fresh vegetables and knowing that bees are working makes me believe I may continue to eat fresh vegetables for awhile longer.

OK. So there's another side to Yard Ecstasy: the plant eaters. I don't know the name of this guy either, so I call him Wormy (his brothers form Wormies). The Wormies appeared on the normally resilient Snow on the Mountain plants around the same time the rain saturated grasses spawned a corps of small beige moths. Grrrrr!

I won't go into the non-heroic, gory details of how I saved Snow on the Mountains.
Have a good day!

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