Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Ignorance That Moves Me

Ignorance about the future is seductive; it always pulls us into itself. As much as I know, I know nothing about the outcome of this moment. I did not always carry this frame of mind, nor did I always care.

As a young man I knew what moved me. Sarasota was warmer than Boston. That moved my intended migration route from Minneapolis to Boston to Sarasota. I didn't have much care about the future other than a vague sense of continuing my life in the warmth of the sun, next to the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I just jumped into my future with blissful ignorance.

I can reflect upon that decision to migrate with greater accuracy today because I brought a few cameras along with me to Sarasota. This view of my sweetheart reminds me of who we were and w hat attracted us at the time we came here. But the picture tells me nothing about what will follow this moment.

To clarify, I have plunged into posting this picture with complete ignorance of what the future will bring. Now I begin to wonder.

At least you don't have to wonder what my monitor screen looks like today; This is it.

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