Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Egg and I

Here I am Sunday evening and surviving so far as bachelor for a weekend. Got to stay up late, 5:30 AM one night but I can't remember the other. I'm woozy. My temporal compass left Florida to carouse with her old sorority buddies up in cool Michigan.

Got a lot accomplished alone and bleary-eyed, editing the new web site [about a week away]. Finished reading Thomas Moore's excellent archetypal psychology book, Care of the Soul, rewriting several web pages, and making two photo art clocks.

So, at one point I find myself standing at the sink Peeling a hard boiled egg, something I seldom make for myself or others, when I realize the coincidence of the moment. I had just completed editing the pages for The EGGS Portfolio when I find one in my hands, staring at me. (Talk about an intelligent universe!) Who put it there, I ask myself? Did I do it or was it Coincidence? It might have been the trickster, Mercury. Such fun. Better get a snapshot.

By the way, did I tell you that the voting for my new logo (see July 13 post) was heavily in favor of the background image entitled Peelings.

Cheers to you brave readers. Eat a hard boiled egg and have a magical day.

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