Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yard Waste and Pecker Wood

Perusing John Wassell's library, I was attracted to Susan Schaller's book by its title: A Man Without Words. It's a true story about a Mayan deaf man who could not communicate. He had no vocabulary, no words. 

Did he have ears that see and eyes that hear?       

My reward for sticking around the house the other day culminated in this pile of yard waste. The dead branch came from our Live Oak tree. Yes, they are messy. The branch fell off the tree months ago, landing on some lower branches. Stuck there in the tree, it was most attractive to woodpeckers. Such a nicely rounded hole ... all the way through the 4 inch branch to the bark on the far side!

That's as nice a hole ala mushroom as I've ever seen. 

This magenta crown was scalped off the top of a Florida Sweet Onion.

Popi is a Bengal and an outdoor-indoor cat. Bengals can't resist playing in water. When she was a kitty she would scamper up a small palm tree and jump into the swimming pool. 

I'm working backward through time and photo numbering now to show you the first light of day in this Florida house: Early morning light by table legs, tile floor and cat toy.

I realize that I bypass countless pictures during the course of a normal habitual day. I'm not concerned with what I may have missed. These pictorial records, like words, merely mark the places where my habits have brought me.

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