Wednesday, April 8, 2009

These Hands

How did we earn these wrinkles so quickly?

These knuckles are sagging like nylons
on the knees of tired old ladies,

These nails are scored like the faces
of soldiers back from the war,

These fingers have grown thin and scarred
by attempts to grasp meanings,

These hands are thoughtful now,
more delicate, more frail,

These hands, now folded and calm,
 dream of resurrection.


Puma said...

Part of our body we barely take the time to recognize, let alone examine so metaphorically. After 37 years, there are still so many aspects to discover, my Friend

Cia said...

When I look at my hands I see the shape of my mother's hand, I see the knowing of my grandmother's hands, I see the ridged, square nails of my father's. I hold their hands in my own.