Monday, April 20, 2009

No Name Nude

I'm not a member of the f64 club. I don't believe that all photographs must exhibit that Ansel Adams resolution any more than I believe all of life should have sharp edges and miracle lighting. Life is not that definite to me.

I am enchanted by what can be seen with Soft Eyes. The abstract nude photo collage below is one of those demanding pictures that defy easy recognition. It must be viewed for awhile before appreciation sets in, if it does.

I'm wondering how much of this aesthetic derives from my involvement in the culture of the radio generation. Radio shows like The Lone Ranger, First Nighter, and the [crs] Playhouse demanded that we use our imagination to picture what was going on. So, I do not feel needy about immediate recognition.


My viewing pleasure comes from yielding to the mood of color and form. It does not need to be defined; it does not need to be named.

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