Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doodle Therapy

Doodle Therapy now rises from the depths of my digital archives. When one begins doodling with nothing on their mind, their pen and ink often times arrive at unexpected destinations. Here are a few more sessions from long ago. 

Easter Sunday
Subconsciously praying for a resurrection, perhaps, my doodling brought these results. Below, I find myself in a suitcase [ready to move?], the sleeping man [me?] lies waiting for the sunrise [Easter, spiritual resurrection?], under the partially folded umbrella [Florida?]. 

See how easy theraputic analysis comes? Who needs a shrink when pen and ink is so easy?
Buddha Saint-Turtleman
During one doodling therapy session a new character emerged from the ink well named Tanda. Tanda was a straight man, a mobile pen-headed fellow, who seemed to occupy ethereal realms. Here Tanda is sleeping. Note his eyes are closed. I'm sure everyone has heard of Buddha Saint-Turtleman. 
Poison Damsel
Tanda was quite adventuresome, showing up in the most exciting places. This particular drawing was colorized and printed onto tee shirts to advertise one of the Open Studio art shows we held at Florida Avenue Studios during the Nineteen Nineties.

Moleman's Map
This may well be the last pen and ink drawing I exhibit in this blog. It was also one of the early doodlings that progressed beyond unrecognizable squiggles. A Prince of a Fellow, Moleman the Familiar lives in the psyches of many men all over this fractured world of ours. This drawing came at the end of a long, long novel writing session in my old basement office.

I suspect this is the end, but I can't make any promises.
There is an off-chance more doodles will appear here.

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