Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neil's Bottle

I met a young man the other day who reminded me of my pen and ink work. Neil's Bottle is one of the outcomes of a doodling obsession I adopted years ago as a means of finding some kind of balance in my life.

The idea behind the doodles was simple: put a pen to paper and don't think about it. After much doodling without thinking, patterns began to emerge. Patterns and pictures that gave me clues as to the health of my own mind. Revelations from black ink, one might say.
Anyway, it seems that the doodle wisdom caught me at a time when I needed to reappraise my marital relationship. Neil's Bottle came from my subconscious mind to tell me I was not doing things right. Yup, I am Neil and you might be Neil, too.

I am most happy to say that attitudes have changed and my mate is flourishing today with enthusiasm and creativity. 


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