Friday, August 7, 2015

Patterns in the Sand

I live in Southwest Florida where I can walk for miles on beaches 
that caress the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico.

While I am walking I can't help but to notice the patterns
that develop in the ever-changing seashore sands. 

I interpret the patterns in the sand 
because I was a geographer
and I remember that


is the key to understanding
the shifting of physical 
earth forms.

But also,

I love wind and waves.

who doesn't like
detective work???

     From the subtlety of tidal debris patterns to the unmistakable canine foot print, detecting is just a small part of being there when one strolls the calming zone between the land and the sea,

     While walking I ask myself what happened to leave the many and various patterns in the sand? What is the relative timeline in the scene? Which patterns were made first and by what force(s) of nature?


Please enjoy puzzling over some of the patterns and the natural forces 
at work in the following iPhoto images from some of Florida's sandy beaches.


Patterns 1

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