Friday, March 8, 2013

Fall Favorites

Some times we must look elsewhere to find ourselves.

This time I review some of my favorite snapshots from last Fall.

Halloween Party Favorites

Shadow Cat / Shadow Crack

Deck Seams

Chalk Festival / Sand Festival

Going Somewhere / Going Nowhere

Mote Marine Slow / Mote Marine Swift

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Touring Solomon's Castle

 One recent sunny day in Florida, 
four friends ventured into the interior
in search of the famous 
Solomon’s Castle.

Accompanied by GPS they found it.

Sculptor, painter, author, 
builder of castles, maker of dreams,
Howard Solomon is king and resident host 
at Solomon’s Castle 

 The castle entrance.

Waiting for a tour of Solomon’s 
art museum and castle.

Although the castle exhibits imaginative sculptures and mixed-media objects, 
Solomon’s Castle proved an excellent place to meet friendly creatures.

Jerry, the museum guide, revealed that Howard Solomon covered his castle 
with used printing plates obtained from a local newspaper press.

Way to recycle, Howard!

The Art Museum:
Some of Howard’s sculptures ...

 a 50 barrel elephant

                                                     transportation plates      
      clothes hanger unicorns

----- Beyond the castle -----

View from the Castle Wall toward the Boat in the Moat Restaurant.

Howard’s drought-striken, land-locked ark 
houses a home cooking
operated by members of the Solomon family.

Transforming the familiar into the special,
Howard Solomon
built his back door,
somewhere near
the land of Oz.


Howard and his wife live above the museum.

Overnight bookings in the Castle’s 
 Blue Moon Room
are available, 
for incurable romantics.

someone is always posing
at a castle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~