Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarasota Beaches

Almost every one you meet around Sarasota, Florida is from someplace else. And sooner rather than later you will find most of them at the beach taking in the sun, the white sands and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Sunsets are always a draw at the beach (read December Archives, at the right). The placid waters of the Gulf infuse sun bathers and swimmers with a true sense of calm. Strollers, runners and bicyclers run the water's edge at all times of day. Plainly, the Gulf is rejuvenating.

Believe it or not, Sarasota is getting younger. Hahahaha. That's just a perceptual facet of aging, Ger! No, it does seem to have younger residents. Twenty-five years ago I recall we had to drive 50 miles to Tampa just to see young people. Now we've got our own.

The housing market is temporarily down in Florida, but I'm betting Sarasota will remain a tourist mecca in the future. And tourists become immigrants who want to live here for the sun, the sand and the Gulf of Mexico. 

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