Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Sale, part II

I began to enjoy the asymmetry of the shelf displays. The items were perused, handled, settled back down on the shelf, slightly askew. That imbalance seemed to give the viewfinder more opportunities to frame the subjects. 

I could have spent hours in Womens' Exchange photographing a raft of everyday items primed for new ownership via the price sticker. But it was Saturday and we had other work to do.

These three alone escaped the burden of the price sticker.

I'm really confused about the difference between cherubs and angels vs mothers and babies.
I like the statue, but tell me, what is happening here? I mean
in addition to the Big Sale price sticker?

These elegant fellows almost made it to my book shelves, but they reminded me of
"hear no evil, see no evil" a little too much.
I'll bet they are gone when I get back there tomorrow.

I had to sneak in another self portrait when I saw this mirror.
As far as I know this is the real me: Big Sale Ger.

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