Friday, January 23, 2009

Iconic Relief

I found another great source for viewing good photography on the World Wide Web. Google account holders can find hot links to photographer's web sites via a group called Photo Fridays. Each Friday the members of the group are given a brief challenge to submit photos that reflect that challenge. This week's challenge: Iconic.

I made a quick sweep of my iphoto files, going back 6 months, looking for imagery that might fit the challenge. Awk! It was a  good challenge to stir the photographer's gray matter; I only found three images that fit.

Barack Obama showed up at my wife's birthday party in November. 
Our friends were happy to pose with his doppleganging cut-out.

Here's a XXX traffic boy and a bicycle wheel that seemed to symbolically register the great cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam.

And one last iconic visual stared me in the face as we prepared to return to the States from France in September.

Now back to the good photography via Google. When a member of a photo group submits a photo reflecting the challenge, they can post a hot link to the site where the photo was posted. Hence, a long hot list of posting photographers' sites appear only one click away from a delightful series of stimulating photographs.

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