Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Sale, part I

On Saturday Pam and I went to downtown Sarasota at the farmers' market to get some peppers and watch dogs sniff butt and tow their masters and mistresses. Afterwards, we stopped by Womens' Exchange to see the Big Sale, 75% off on select items. Justice (below) was a little too big for my kitchen apothecary. So I unzipped the trusty little Kodak camera bag which hangs on my belt and started checking price stickers.

Oh, you don't know how I wrestled with myself over this blindfolded woman. Appearing to me on January 24, 2009, she seemed to be a good omen needful of rescuing and exhibition somewhere in my cluttered workroom.

I think that's a load of Orange Peppers she has in the basket.
Roasted Peppers give me the shivers.

Big Sale shelves started to look like a nest full of hungry birds.

Big Sale. Ceramics for plants. Small ticket items.

Not sure if I'd use the five-holer for roses or breadsticks.

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