Monday, January 19, 2009

Progenitor Frog

A decade ago I needed to change my life. The rise of computing and stock photography houses made photos very inexpensive for local agencies.  I couldn't produce imagery that cheaply.

I needed a transformation. Maybe a new career. But what? Eventually, Nature helped me decide to get involved in living my metaphor. 

When I walked out the door one morning I found a batch of freshly laid frog eggs surrounded by frog semen in the shallow end of my swimming pool. What could be a better metaphor for a transformation? 

I cleaned out several 5 gallon buckets and began raising tadpoles. Of course, the tadpoles turned to frogs and before I knew it I had raised 5,000 frogs. I became Progenitor Frog of Merrimac Drive.

Most of those frogs were released into a nearby transformation pond. My transformation? I quickly found seven years worth of contract work producing nautical charts at home on my computers. Ribbit!

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