Monday, December 27, 2010

Noname Creek

It's almost year's end and I still have file cases full of photographic negatives and transparencies to edit. This morning I finally awoke to discover my desk and desktop were also buried in photo cds. Then there are all the electronic files in my former workroom.

This photo management project has not been an easy nut to crack. I've been avoiding the job for 50 years. The problem? I only seem to understand creative naming and filing. And I'm lazy. So, who knows where specific pictures are located and what are they named?

Poppi Popsalotaus

I have long recognized file management as a major life problem without a hint or hope for resolution. Until today...  Today I decided to think differently about this problem and any need of a firm hand to control

This problem has now been renamed Noname Creek, a tributary of the Photographic River. And I have decided to jump into the creek only to recreate and then only where most convenient and when it feels best. Solution attained.

I love my cat like Egyptian Pharaohs loved the feline protectors of their souls.

~ ~ ~

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Greg said...

Ah, my brotherly mate in disorganization, thou hast a tender soul for the feline persuasion, to be sure. I wonder how people (men, mostly) can not love and admire these beasts. Is it their independence, like women's? Their refusal to bend to our rules? As Granddaughter Ruby says, dancing, swaying, "I won't bow down to no man!"