Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida Java Script

Am trying, at the moment, to recall the circumstances surrounding this collage, made in 2002. Many facts get lost in creation, get absorbed into the stuff of self and become inseparable from the long line of doings since then.

Florida Java Script

Now, I can't even recall which version of Photoshop I was working with at the time. I recall seemingly endless hours of revising nautical charts, staring into a CRT monitor until the rounded eye of the photographer flattened like a pancake. Color and form got the nod on a 2-dimensional surface when the positions of buoys changed and new channels widened. 

Somehow I came across a few historic views of Florida orange groves, nostalgic in their early postcard colors and rustic, groomed landscape. Colors and forms acquire magical possibilities in Photoshop-driven minds. Photo realities explode. Experimentation becomes not only fun, but renewing. Breaking rules of nautical geometries became an elixir for my tired eyes and overlays of formerly segregated materials brought me a curious sense of satisfaction.

So how did Florida orange groves become united with java script in this collage? Perhaps the answer is as simple as proximity; the two materials happened to cross my desk with my interests. But I won't worry about the how, although the how does peak some curiosities. 

I  just like the results.

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Greg said...

That's the beauty of collage -- its unexpected and surprising nature. It's the perfect medium for making images, or, rather, for dealing with the images that come exploding into consciousness. It mimics the working of the mind without imposing too many rational limitations or insisting on seeing things serially, that is, chronologically, in finite fashion. Bless the orange groves, then, and the nautical charts.

GERRY ZECK said...

This is just basic graphic arts execution within a simple composition. Yet it dribbled. not exploded, into consciousness as a preconceived image. At the time I was thinking about the interdigitation of Florida "Crops" through the years.

A wonderful part of creating such a collage is beholding the qualities of any misconception gaps involved. How does a final image match up with a preconceived image? There, in that gap of ignorance, lies much of my pleasure and satisfaction. Just love to explore.