Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Noname Creek ~ Addendum

Poppi as she may appear to passing fruit rats, racoons, and possum.

Poppi at Night

We may well live in a universe of parallel worlds. Addendum worlds, so to speak. Parallel worlds do exist right next to us, just beyond range of our senses at this moment. The invisible life existing right on top of our skin as well as inside our bodies confirms these possibilities. Our worlds are interlocking.

Thusly, this feline portrait cannot exist in a world of its own. 

Any Photoshop-born vision is easily accessible by millions, if not billions, of eyes each day. This image will make its debut on the viewing stages of at least hundreds of human beings. Each viewing will give it a new life and extend its possibilities. 

The very appearance of Addendum Vision represents only a minor shift in the bandwidth of human vision. Yet, photo-technology dramatically extends our sensations and our imaginations; it presents us with views of otherwise invisible worlds. Addendum Vision allows us to witness Poppi, the huntress, in this way. 

Parallel worlds may be colliding these days. So how do we measure realities outside of the hologram?

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