Friday, December 17, 2010

Green Leaves

Some times we see things too clearly. We see the colors and the forms, the shadows and the light. And seeing all these things without discriminating can be too much.

That's what my little Kodak does: it sees too much. The light meter averages the fall of light into the picture frame. It makes average scenes non-spectacular.

The averaging meter turned the original of this shot into something pretty, but unremarkable. The shot lacked color saturation. Since color played a big role in attracting me to the original shot, the photo results should speak loudly to color.

Photoshop to the rescue. A few PS tricks allowed me to show full color saturation in the leaves and the flowers. I was also able to to separate the foreground leaves from the background flowers by softening the flowers. The results? Something much closer to the scene that attracted me in the first place.

~ ~ ~

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Greg said...

Methinks the artist is attracted to the scene the way a bee is attracted to the scent of a flower. In your case, the scent may be the possibility of softening, as you say, or saturation. In any event, an opportunity for play and enrichment. Keep your nose in the flowers, then, and play on.