Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Touch of Color

Well, today I'm wondering how many of you are wasted on the bi-cameral brain topic. Fortunately, I am not quite done with exploring the associations, the rights and lefts, the blacks and whites. But here comes a little variation: a touch of color. Just a bit of color, like a piece of chicken in a lettuce sandwich.
How's your chicken today? Well, Tanda's left brain, like yours, processes data in a serial manner I'm told. You can see where that leads him. His right hemisphere processes the world in parallel; notice the difference? At full size this drawing presents a true challenge to keep your feet. Wiggle, wiggle. Enough for today!
Time to test another touch of color. Just for fun I decided to extract some residue from an empty ink jet cartridge. A few drops of Cyan ink were coaxed onto the drawing paper to begin the next ink therapy session. 

What, may I ask, is the imagination for? OK, so you compose your reality there; so do I. May your realities begin and end with big smiles. May your life be full of fun.


sladkomn said...

So how do Tanda's musings become a journey, a picaresque adventure that fellow travelers, chained to their desk, can enter on? Is there a plot? a progress? a concession to our dusty and sedentary habits? a prose pony that lets us ride across the mountains with Tanda, sidesaddle, on one buttock?

Gerry Zeck said...

Dear Sladko,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately you inquire about a left brain task.

All we can do here is undress the Prince; Tanda's trip is not linear, his story plot is uncalculated. Fellow travelers can conjure a story that satisfies their ego needs (left brain task) or they can await the inevitable unfolding (right brain task) through participation in their own doodle therapy.

This is not a mental health clinic. However, if you doodle, Tanda (or one of his cousins) will answer.