Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Pursuit of Anima

   All significant crusades must be given descriptive names or titles that can garner the original intentions that launched such endeavors. In Pursuit of Anima was  the phrase I hung around my neck like a banner to encourage my creative efforts in the computer "darkroom". Many times this Anima theme reminded me of my goal and both fruitful and fruitless efforts made in its behalf.

A few years back this print, Amatao, was exhibited in Sarasota at a half-swanky downtown gallery show entitled "I Narcissus".

Amatao is a phonetic Japanese word meaning "I love." For me it carries many nuances of the journey to find love both within and without. The image reminds me of all the misdirected paths I've taken in pursuit of love. It reminds me of the foolish expectations that caused more grief than relief, more emptiness than fulfillment. It reminds me of being human and imperfect.

Furthermore, this image reminds me that love cannot find a resting place until Narcissus is dealt with. I go along with the Jungians who believe finding your Anima/Animus provides the only relief for a love tortured soul.


i narcissus

it's me. it's always been
about me. even when i see
you lying naked on the bed
it is me. always me.

yet, how can i not be you?
you who gives form to light?
you who swims between spheres?
you who bathes in the fundamental
floatingness of i?


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