Friday, June 25, 2010


Last year I made a dozen or more clocks. I painted the clock faces in Photoshop, printed them on archival paper, and sandwiched them between sheets of transparent plexiglass. I made clock faces of ecstatic dreamers, many-eyed faces, and mandalas composed of human and natural forms. Against these forms I placed just four sets of numbers.

When the center hole was drilled and the stem of the clock mechanism was inserted through the plexiglass, the faces began to represent real possibilities. Possibilities that could transcend time and space... If only for a few ----- units. 

The faces became reminders that clocks must not rule life.

This year, rather than making clocks, I obsessed on music. I collected every version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" into iTunes and made a continuously playable cd for the car and home. Now I can listen to it for as long as I want, without buds and wires hanging from my ears. 

Deprived of a working clock in the car, I find myself singing hallelujah a lot. 


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