Monday, May 31, 2010

Mushrooms, Balloons, and UBOs

This drawing evolved from the ink washes mindlessly applied to the page. The rest derives from my RoarShock associations with forms and may have something to do with my time as a seminarian.
Below: Another wash beginning. Fruit, cuckoo bird and balloons Must go somewhere ...

I made this drawing a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, while paging through Carl Jung's Red Book at a friend's house, I saw a similar sharp toothed creature eating.

We attended a Multiple Sclerosis informational dinner last week during which the speaker, Dr. Aungdin, told us that MRI brain scans show not only the black holes of demyelination, but also UBOs. The meaning of these Unidentified Bright Objects is unknown. 


sladkomn said...

The UBO's you sketch out here are OBVIOUSLY in the Zeck mind, and the great observatories are training their telescopes (and microscopes) into the depths. Shouldn't there be federal funding for this effort (both for Wilson and Palomar, I mean, and for the Zecks)?

sladkomn said...

As for the Mushroom Cross, I think you should send this to the Pope. It might help him solve the crises that beset the church, if only he can get down on his knees and enjoy a hearty Jungian laugh.

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