Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Equilibrium Means Temporary

All of my inquiries into Oriental philosophy have informed me that CHANGE is at the Center of the Universe. 

I recall a similar physical science maxim: Equilibrium is a temporary stage in the life process of a river. Of course, I know that because I have drawn many profiles of a river’s life.

Here are another few profiles … 

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The Wader
Don't worry, Tanda. The wader has your bill.

Tanda’s links to the unconscious mind are being courted, it seems. It’s transparent that the wader must love to pay the bill for change.

Batman’s Guano
Batman’s guano sofas made Tanda sleepy

It seems there exists two kinds of wisdom in the world and one kind is bat wisdom. That is why humor is the only Virtue one must defend to the death. 

Sous-chef Tanda
The subconscious mind does not have to worry. That’s the rooster’s job. This should clarify the blending for a peaceful mind.

pax vosbiscum

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