Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ink Therapy for Bloggers

Reflection is the prime utility of blank walls; One pours one's thoughts out and those thoughts are reflected by the wall. During the course of 123 blog writing encounters with the blank wall, I have learned a smidgen about organizing words and pictures in ways that feel comfortable for me. And I have experienced the palpable loneliness and futility of projecting thoughts through electronic space. 

What is lacking in the creation of a blog is the tangible taste and feel of a physical object; a  bumpy sheet of watercolor paper, an emulsion rich photographic print, or the earthy scent and feel of clay. That physicality has always been a sensual part of the creative process for me. 

Electronic blogging can talk about creativity, but it cannot provide the satisfaction of applying india ink on a blank sheet of white paper. So a blog is like the life of a brain without a body; it may be good for reporting, but it’s not good for the body or soul that seeks nourishment.  

Nonetheless, I shall return to the electronic blog wall soon with some old and new pen & ink drawings. See you soon!

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