Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Swamp II

The CSU band cheers the brave Buccaneers of Charleston Southern U as they take a half time break. Behind in the game 40 to 3, the second half would get better for the Bucs as they held Florida's second string offense to 22 points.

CSU's band leader takes a half time break as Florida cheerleaders line the field. I had good reason for leaving my DSLR camera at home: fear that history might repeat itself. I lost my first camera long lens years ago at a football stadium when the person next to me knocked the lens onto the concrete at my feet.

I find that shooting pictures in a crowd is difficult to impossible. One of the problems with a small Kodak digital is that crowds are unruly and they love to demolish compositions before trigger fingers can do their job. And another problem is the lack of focal length that could clear the scene.

I asked my neighboring bandsman if he had any idea how much money the Charleston Southern athletic program was bringing to the school by playing big time champ Florida.

He told me that Charleston Southern would receive $450,000. Not bad for a night's work! Even if you have to work on the Sabbath in The Swamp.

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