Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pepper Vision

This picture just resurfaced, lighting a flame of recognition in my funny bone.

When you fill your vision with the pepper seeds, you can't focus on the squirrel. Yet you can feel the squirrel's presence; It feels like the squirrel is alive

Let's face it: Catching oneself in a misperception can be fun. Especially for people who think there is a need to know everything. Of course the soft brass patina, the softening camera focus, selective and peripheral vision aid this illusion. But that's just a causal explanation and not much fun.

It's been months since I invited the brass squirrel to lunch on these pepper seeds. I am grateful for his demonstrating yet another reason why it may be important to save seeds.

Time to change one paradigm since today's amusement came from seeds unplanted.
Now I'm unplanting them again.

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