Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Someone's always telling someone to go somewhere or do something. That makes me mad in the same way television ads make me want to go deaf. I will eventually seek refuge in Norway.

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I like this graphic in spite my disinclination to follow directions. It's a strong, simple composition. It probably looks more dynamic to people who read their newspapers from right to left. But it's a kinetic image with the potential to move a viewer's eyes in ways the body can feel.

There is an invisible force or connection between the arrow image and your everyday memories. When you look at the arrows sweeping downward, you can feel the movement in your gut. Eye to subject to gut. That's photographic triangulation; a big part of my personal mapping system (PMS).

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Did I post this image of the bus stop in Laerdal, Norway before? I think so. However, I did take a second look at it and decided to bump up some contrast and color. The original shot was grayer, less interesting.

This Image is all about color quality. In a recollective world, I see this print as a signature of bus travel in Norway. Yet, you don't need to know the where to appreciate repetitious forms struggling in an ice cold (?) winter field. And the dark spot I see as oil drippage seems such a human thing ... could it also refer to a hole in the Universe?

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Reviewing last year's trip I came across this sweet little fellow. Found him on the sidewalk of a very classy Norwegian hotel.

The understandings you carry into any visual experience affect and may transform the meanings that come out. Even dogs, we discovered, have a visual intelligence. They learn by observing, too. The mouse was so soft and furry... He had come out of the garden to die.

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Who doesn't love mushrooms? Get serious! These visually tasty fellows were hanging around the new old Stave Church in Bergen, Norway. Go little fellows, go! Don't let the trolls eat you! ;^ ) Such fecundity makes me remember.

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Gully, gully. One good tern deserves another. This remarkable piece of sculpture makes this photographic image a carrier of great consternations. That's why this sculpture is showing its face again here.

There seems to be something elemental to be learned here. As a sculpture it brings Myth so much closer to home. Must one be a seafaring Norwegian to completely understand?

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