Thursday, November 20, 2008

Self Portrait with my favorite dentist

I brought my handy dandy little red point-and-shoot Kodak to the dentist where I captured another Self Portrait just as Doctor Johnson loaded me up with novocaine. 

In fact, I bring Little Red everywhere these days. It's small and it's close at hand. Easy to draw from its holster when I want to shoot a picture of just about any thing.


Nichole L. Reber said...

This is funny. A couple years ago I was doing a lot of astral travel and lucid dreaming, so I figured I'd whittle the time away at the dentist by some travel. Then I realized if he wanted to get ahold of me he'd have a long...long way to go and therefore opted against it. heee!

Jenna Schrock said...

This is a great shot, although seeing your face would've been better. Anyway, it's great that you keep up with your scheduled appointments with the dentist, and that you were able to document it with the use of your camera.