Tuesday, November 11, 2008

prepping for the shoot

i'm trying to remember who said the best photographs are made with eyes that hear and ears that see. i may find the source again, soon, since i'm cleaning my garage-office-studio this week, but i'm not counting on it. 
the important thing about the eyes and ears idea, it seems to me,  is that two-dimensional space can only be transformed into a great photograph through extraordinary means. 20/20 vision is not enough to produce a great photograph, otherwise all photos belonging to the f.64 club of photographers would be fantastic to behold.
setting forth to begin a new photographic project, i routinely engage in a meditation based on the eyes and ears thesis, oftentimes while in the shower. i scrub my senses to the ready by emptying my mind of preconceived notions. i prepare for a tai chi experience. i relax so that i can respond to light and form and sound and smell with all of my senses. 
when all my senses are working in unison i know that a great photographic opportunity will present itself.

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