Friday, November 5, 2010

Anima Eggs

   In continuing the search for eggs around the ovum that is my home, my eyes and my heart fall upon objects that have mapped a journey toward anima. Amongst the many image objects I find, some lie in storage drawers as prints, others rest in frames on the walls; still others fill my hardrives, while some travel as protons flying about in cyberspace.


I understand that Dante descended into the depths of hell. Having no life in this direction, anima must move from the head to the human heart to be fully acknowledged. It can be, like Dante's journey, a terrible distance to travel.

Amatao (I Love)

Love, too, can be a struggle. But is love a necessary path to discovering anima or animus? When did you first fall in love? With whom and how did it go?  Enraptured like Narcissus, many of us have found the road to completion strewn with boulders and carrion.

Gesture 13

Who does not identify with cave art? Its primitive beauty is as ageless as the Sirens of Desire.

Anima Rising

Now, I cannot confidently say that I have come into my stage of Jungian completion, but sometimes it feels like progress has been made. During times like this, it feels like anima is rising and all is well in the world.

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