Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Eggs

   There is a dark room in my house that's filled with treasures and junk. It has become a store room for things that once occupied my attentions.  It's filled with things which are waiting for me to do something mysterious with them. At least that's what it feels like when I acknowledge the things that I am.

Love In, Los Angeles, 1968

Some items in my dark room are iconic; I need only glance at them to relive the essence of past experiences. These I call my Soul Treasures.

Making Up

Without thinking, I am inclined to understand that all my things are personal and life-sustaining. That's our culture. We love things. Most of the time it's most difficult to detach from things. That's life.  

Sleeping Alone

Finding this last image recently was a real (suh!) slap-in-the-head for me. I had lost it amongst my junk. I had forgotten that this was one of the first images made during a life long photo theme I called Searching for Anima. 

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Greg said...

My god, these take us back! I rub my eyes and say, did such a summer of love really exist? But here's the shocking, eye-opening evidence! We were all there! And you have borne witness!q