Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Eggs

It's been two weeks since my cardio stress test and I have received a cardio blessing: no reason to cut my heart out for mending purposes.

This news provokes me to look around. I am considering my home as ovum. Thus, my estate is a good place to find evidence of the original egg that I am. (Play along with me and consider the possibilities that You are your own ovum and You are your Things.)

I didn't have to go far to find a 30 year old version of an egg that I can call my own amongst my things. This print was made early in my Searching for Anima series of photographs. The Jungian notion of coming into completion depends upon finding a balance between anima and animus. It is a notion that has sustained me through the years.

We can never be assured that such enlightenment or completion has arrived.  Once found, enlightenment seems to prove itself an illusion of the left brain and the ego. This, of course, is not enough to stop the seeker; in fact, finding and losing enlightenment only fuels the seeking. 

So, I look elsewhere amongst my things. Looking close at hand I recognize clues as to what kind of an egg I am becoming. But what I usually see is the mess that I must eventually clean up.

This picture is not me; it merely points toward me. Of course, this photo cannot present culminating evidence, only small measurements of activities that have supported my search for anima. Oh, yes, she keeps growing, changing, showing new colors and forms.

So here we find ourselves again this morning, starting another day in my home as ovum searching for anima. And all is well!

~ ~ ~


Nancy said...

Great news about the heart. Those tests are the best.
Just continue your search. No telling what you'll find and what you'll let go.....

Mike and sometimes Rachel said...

Beautiful picture, and post

sladkomn said...

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