Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home As Egg

Yesterday I resurrected my old interests in the Universal Egg with a posting of photos and considerations of my home as a metaphoric egg.

Today, freshly returned from a cardio stress test, I fell into a fried-egg sandwich for a break-fast lunch, tempting the fates and sating a long neglected appetite  (It's been at least a year between fried-egg sandwiches).

Eggs are moving again here at home.

Next, I popped into Facebook and found that my friend Deborah, a movement teacher who "lives, breathes, eats, and travels to work in the area of somatic education", had posted a most interesting reference book: the wonderfully illustrated Anatomy of the Human Body.

Figure 3. 
The Human Ovum
Henry Gray (1825–1861).  Anatomy of the Human Body.  1918.

My first, random click into the illustrations showed me nothing other than the egg again, the human ovum above. There I am, that's me (or you!) swimming in albumen inside the original little house. Ha! A perfectly rendered, instructively simple lesson for we Home As Egg metaphorists.

I've got to love This Egg. It's a symbol of containment with a promise. Its re-appearance provides another sampling of Jungian Synchronicities. Time to reassess my current metaphoric Eggdom. Time to re-evaluate everything.

~ ~ ~


Anonymous said...

I love you ovum,
Iss so post-modum,
Iss got da white and got da yaller too,
Iss got da christian and it got da jew!

Iss got the sputum,
And the Bermudum,
Iss got the honky-tonky shots
An' the Montezuma trots!

Anonymous said...

You are your own mature ovum.