Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitchen Art

Sometimes I just have to stop what I'm doing, pull my little Kodak out of my pocket, and make a picture of what I see. Many of these photo stoppages occur in view of very ordinary scenes, for which I am most grateful. Beautiful sights abound in the kitchen.

Vegetarians close your eyes.

As a photographer one learns to compose a subject within the photo frame. One learns that a Formal composition reveals "the whole" subject while Informal compositions keep some subject matter outside the frame.

My interests range from Formal to Informal to Beyond Formalities of the lens. For example, a Beyond Formality composition might include reasons the photographer made the picture, or the forces that brought the photo subject within range of the camera. These forces are often emotionally-loaded and usually remain the sole property of the picture-maker. 

Vegetarians may open their eyes now.

I'm not certain about the appeal of this kitchen scene. It may simply relate to an inborn voyeurism. I call this a Formal-Familiar Composition; it's all in the bag. And I find the cohabitation of Jalapeno and Red Onion most attractive and suggestive of taste treats to come. Hence, the image reaches Beyond the photo frame, within the realm of my senses.

For eyes that hear and see and smell and taste.

Informal and Beyond portraiture it is: onions and peppers in olive oil beseeching the camera to arrest this stove-top process. What the scene does not show is the trail that led the camera to it; the intense promise of the delicious. 

Please humor me: I cannot promise to refrain from posting more food photos in the future.


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