Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Backyard Summer Pix

This Florida summer has been hotter and moister than usual. Not a cool, northern kind of summer here; consequently, the back yard needs attention badly.

Earlier in the summer, an umbrella was installed next to the frog pond in the hopes of slowing algae growth. A few baby gold fish and a bottom feeder were added to the pond.

The weeds surrounding the pond have not been harvested yet. Foot stones and flagstones around the pool have not yet been replaced. Much work to do ... when it gets cooler.

Yet, this back yard summer has been good to us. I didn't have to single-handedly rebuild the ancient wooden fence; my neighbor built a better one! Wow! And the new fence changed our back yard aesthetics. 

Bear witness to modest industry, please: one of many concrete "weed barriers"  removed from beneath the old fence. The old fence wood was recycled and given a new home. 

Piles of concrete currently awaiting recycling decisions.

This concrete cairn commemorates the old, 1957, wooden fence. A few weeds await their final resting place while the Beach Sunflowers enjoy the return of summer rains. 

Not everything is perfection here. Yet the spotted grapefruit tree provides a camouflage canopy for aluminum ladders. And the birds are singing daily.

A few old grapefruits were recently found, like Easter eggs, hiding in recycling piles. Hummm, you noticed too: lots of piles around here.

Now, with the umbrella's shade, the hungry fish, and hurricane season winds, the water is cooling and clearing. 

Soon the Tennessee Sandstone will be relaid and paths renewed.
And life will be perfect again.

~ ~ ~

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