Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Abstractions

Streetcar is one of dozens of experiments conducted in Amsterdam last year. Streetcar is also one of my favorite digital experiments conducted there. The easiest way to get to Amsterdam's many fine art museums is to take the streetcar. Here my trusty Kodak camera was set at a low ISO and the shutter was snapped while boarding and swinging the camera toward the subject.

Once imported into Photoshop the picture seemed only to need a bit of a color tweak. +35 green was added to bring out the form of the red headed passenger in the streetcar. Now it feels like Amsterdam.


Bosnia is an abstraction of another ilk. You may recall Bosnia and the mass graves; I hope so. One day when working in Photoshop with body images and listening to the news, I realized that the negative image of the body stretching across my monitor screen looked like a grave. It seemed a fitting memorial at the time, so I filled the apparent grave/graben with bodies.


A third kind of Photoshop abstraction, Panty Raider, came out of a self-devised exercise in digital manipulation. Starting out with a pirated image from one of the sex industry sites, I manipulated the pixels by duplicating, folding, erasing, painting, and essentially massaging out the pixels that I didn't want to see.

What I love about this kind of a manipulation exercise is the surprise of resulting colors and forms that emerge.

Panty Raider

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