Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rescuing Frozen Beans

Ever since we went to see the movie Julie and Julia, I've been able to perform kitchen magic. And I suspect I am not the only one to have come out of the theater with some extra mojo. But I am quite happy in the kitchen these days and this rescued bean dish is one of my silly, but tasty, accomplishments at the stove.

The overly frozen snowball of green beans I rescued from the freezer had to be saved. But how? And to what avail?

Herein lies a true beauty of photography; it records. You don't have to write down the recipe. Just make a snapshot and refer to it later after you've had a chance to clear your palette.

Clicking on this snapshot, you can see all the wonderful ingredients I used whilst ridding the refrigerator of neglected foods. This is better than a trophy fish photo. Isn't photography wonderful!?

It's easy now to recall how this cooking challenge started. Butter, olive oil, garlic and onion coated the pasta and flavored the pan. Thinly cut chicken breast with teriyaki marinade were heated until a dark sugary bottom emerged in the pan.

How much like the old fashioned liquid darkroom; cooking evokes magic!

Empty the pan, throw in the frosty beans, add more oil, garlic and onion. How about a few mushrooms; delicious! Build the juices, let it simmer. Oh, Julia!!!

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TitansMom said...

YUMMY! looks wonderful too!