Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walls of Savannah

Walls make me think of Plato's cave. 

The lucky souls who traveled outside of Plato's cave were attracted by Light. Those who left the cave and experienced the world of light came back to tell stories about the outside world. 

They were the first photographers; they chased after Light like hounds. Now, we are all hounds for light; we tell our stories on electronic walls as JPGs. 

 So, I chose Walls as an on-going theme for a photographic study because walls are plentiful and varied. Of course, some are more interesting than others. But I have been surprised by looking closely before and I'm sure it will happen again. 

Walls have the power to divide, protect, support, limit and restrain us. Any and all of those forces are available to walls. So how does one approach a wall?

I'm interested in what a Wall tell me about myself? I come to grok walls, not to bury them. Like a great number of other photographic themes, Walls can become useful measures for mapping interior space. 

What is your motive for grabbing views of the physical world?

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