Monday, December 15, 2008

Above the Abyss

From POOL WORK, a photographic theme begun a few years ago after my wife started chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

The reflection of light through the prism of moving water is most exciting and yet strangely calming to me. It fans the role of light in revealing form. Light is alive, absorbed interactions, and it seems to make everyone aware how life is tenuous and delicate.

Working in the pool presented a perfect metaphor for the condition that Pam faced. It was precisely what we needed. Here was a liquid environment where gravity was altered and daily pressures relieved after chemotherapy sessions. Here we were, hanging onto a thin noodle, barely suspended above an abyss of eternal darkness. Yet, as I saw her, the grace of her limbs and the strong curve of her beautiful, bald head made me believe she would live forever.

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