Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Isaac Effect

When I walked out of the house this morning I could feel Florida getting moister in a soft, subtle way. 

Even the front bumper of my car could sense the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Isaac is on his way. Tomorrow Isaac will be moving through the Caribbean Islands and heading North  to arouse mobile Jimmy Buffett fans as well as much of Key West .

Then, passing through an expanse of alligator wallows and small towns settled by dry Texans with cactuses, Isaac will bring us a number of blessings: I call these blessings "The Isaac Effect".

First blessing. There has been a drought in Florida for seven or eight years. Our sand needs water. Isaac will bring water, possibly lots of it. So we begin to prepare for the arrival of more moisture.

Second blessing. We haven't had a good blow in western Florida for a number of years. Palm trees need cleaning and a strong, persistent wind can do the job. Also, my hundred year oak is filled with small dead branches and my arthritis is too raw to climb and clean these days. Isaac can do it for me.

Third blessing. Our beaches will change their profiles. Some people who should not have built on the Gulf of Mexico coast line will receive messages as to why. Other desiccated residents will rush to the beach, wade through the water, timidly surf the waves, take photographs, scream into the wind, and enjoy the sheer exhilaration of remaining on their feet in the face of such power.

Fourth blessing. Isaac will bring increased business to our depressed economy. Things will fly and things will break. Roofs will leak. Trees will fall. Repairs will be needed. Insurance people will cough up minimal amounts of money before they raise premiums again.

I'm preparing my cameras for the beach now.